Helen Grimley - Women In Sport

Helen Grimley

People and Inclusion Officer – email

Helen has always been an advocate of sport for all, competing in swimming, dancing and then more seriously athletics throughout her youth and into early adulthood. An early injury resulted in her having to watch sport from the side-lines, but enjoying all forms of sport and leisure, nonetheless.

Helen’s strong passion for sport has led her to undertake two degrees in Sport and Leisure Management and she’s currently studying a PhD in motivations of females choosing to participate in fitness as a leisure activity.

Helen is strong people person and loves talking to and understanding everyone’s individual journeys in work and personal development. Working across education, HR and events, Helen loves nothing more than meeting new people and trying to provide opportunities for everyone, regardless of their qualifications and experience as she believes that aspirations and drive are the most important qualities.

Outside of work, Helen is a mum to two children and when time allows she enjoys going to the gym, working out or going for a run.