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Mark Chapman

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Mark Chapman is well-known as one of the country’s leading sports presenters, after coming to prominence working on BBC Radio 1 with Sara Cox and Scott Mills. He joined Radio 5Live to host 5Live Sport in 2010 and now also presents Match of the Day 2 on BBC Sport and the BBC NFL show. With 15 years’ experience working in sports media, a son and two daughters, Chapman is a keen advocate of equal opportunities across the board for both men and women to participate and work within sport.

“I have watched and indeed am still watching my three children go through the grass roots youth sporting system,” says Mark Chapman. “Two things have struck me. The first is that I have witnessed mixed football and cricket teams for at least a decade, and this quite rightly is seen as the norm for that generation. The second is that whilst progress has been made, there are still plenty more sporting opportunities for my son than for my daughters. I hope that by joining the board of Women in Sport I can harness the positivity of today’s kids while helping to break down the barriers that still exist.”