Lockdown Research: Implications for Movement Virtual Event - Women In Sport
6th August 2020

Lockdown Research: Implications for Movement Virtual Event

woman exercising using laptop at home

Women in Sport’s research investigated the impact that lockdown has had and will continue to have on women’s lives and their participation in sport and physical activity. You can access the full research report on our website: www.womeninsport.org.

Join us for this one-hour session in which our insight team will present the findings from the research. We will also initiate discussions about what this means for your work to encourage movement and the opportunities that need to be taken to ensure that the gains seen in reducing the gender gap before the lockdown are not lost.

This session is relevant to organisations such as active transport providers and outdoor groups. There will be round tables centred around the following themes derived from the research.

Upon registration, you will be asked to submit which round table you would like to be a part of:

1. Continuing to exercise as an essential part of the working day

2. Promoting and facilitating active travel

3. Sustaining the newly active: how can we capitalise on the immediate opportunity to keep women active

There is a limit of 100 attendees to this event.