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Ewan Turner

Project and Solutions Officer

Ewan Tuner, a white male with fair hair, smiling

Ewan Turner

Project and Solutions Officer

Ewan joined Women in Sport in March 2024 as Projects and Solutions Officer. His primary role is to support our Policy, Partnerships and Public Affairs team, as well as supporting projects across the wider team.

Ewan has always been a sports fanatic; for as long as he can remember, he has always enjoyed watching or playing, no matter the time or place. In recent years, he has found that women’s sport to be a safe heaven away from the gripes of men’s sport, and an opportunity to do things differently and create positive change.

Moving into the charity sector, Ewan has begun to gain a better understanding of the positive impact sport can have on people’s lives, particularly those who didn’t have the same access or opportunities as him. Determined to make the benefits of sport available to everyone through his work has led Ewan to Women in Sport.

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