Hints & Tips for Fundraising - Women In Sport

Hints & Tips for Fundraising

Hints & Top Tips

Thank you so much for deciding to fundraise for Women in Sport. We’re so excited to see what you will do to raise awareness for our mission to achieve equal opportunities for women and girls in sport.  

To help you get the most out of your fundraising, here are a few hints and tips that we’ve learnt over our thirty years of campaigning for women’s sports initiatives. 

Get the word out! 

Word of mouth 

  • Tell people who you are fundraising for and why. If people know that their money can make a real difference to the well-being of women and girls, they will be more likely to sponsor you.  

It’s who you know 

  • Use your contacts and ask everyone you know. As well as helping you themselves, they can put you in touch with other people who can help. 

Track your progress 

  • Set up a training blog or vlog so supporters can follow your progress and easily share to get sponsorship. 

Train together 

  • Link your training app to your online fundraising platform so donors can train alongside you! 

Be the news​ 

  • Get the local media involved. The more coverage you get, the more people will know what you are doing and will want to sponsor you!​ 

Enlist your employer 

  • Companies will offer match funds raised by employees so speak with your Community Affairs or HR Department to see if they can help you.​ 

Hit the gym​ 

  • Get your gym or sports club involved. As well as getting sponsorship, you may find someone who would be willing to train with you. Fundraising platform so donors can train along with you! 


If you would like any more support with your fundraising project, visit our fundraising resources page or contact us.