Our Work - Women In Sport

Our Work

Our purpose is to give every women and girl the opportunity to take part in sport and inspire her to do so.

By ensuring girls and women stay engaged in sport and physical activity, raising the profile of gender inequality, changing the culture of sport to eradicate sexism and discrimination, challenging gender stereotypes, and working with diverse communities to ensure all voices are heard, we can begin to breakdown these stubborn inequalities.

Our expert and sector-leading insight is driving innovation, our programmes are providing impactful solutions to tackle gendered inequalities, and our campaigning is empowering more women and girls to be active.


    • Deeply understand the needs and aspirations of the full diversity of women and girls at each stage of their life
    • Raise the profile of gender inequality in sport and the impact on women and girls
    • Develop concepts, policy positions and identify solutions
    • Campaign, collaborate and influence to inspire change
    • Secure the future of the charity

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