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Suzy Lowi

Suzy Lowi – Inisght Officer/Governance Officer – Email 

Suzy joined Women in Sport in April 2022 working part-time as a Governance Officer and has since expanded her work at the Charity. She now works with us full time, as an Insight Officer alongside her Governance role. She is excited to continue supporting the Charity’s mission to empower women and girls through sport and exercise; to build on our influential research in this area to help identify barriers, shape solutions, and gain a deeper understanding of the lives of women and girls of all ages in relation to physical activity.

With a background in Biochemistry, Healthcare, and Research, she worked across various NHS roles before joining Women in Sport, most recently working with patients as a Clinical Trial Practitioner in cancer research.

Suzy has had the opportunity to enjoy many sports throughout her life, from synchronised swimming to korfball, and took up football after being inspired by the 2019 Women’s World Cup. A longstanding lover of sports and a passionate advocate for women’s rights, she wants to help build a world where every girl and woman can enjoy the same access to sport that she herself has had the privilege to experience.