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Sponsorship & Media

We believe in making progress towards an aim of increasing the value of women’s sport year on year. We plan to achieve this through the creation and communication of a compelling business case for investment – one that not only demonstrates that women’s sport sponsorship makes business sense but also understands wider commercial priorities and barriers to investment.

Commercial investment and media coverage of women’s sport remains shockingly low, particularly in comparison to the deals done in men’s sport. Women’s sport sponsorship accounted for only 0.4% of total sports sponsorship between 2011 and 2013. Media coverage of women’s sport shows similar level of disparity – women’s sport accounting for only 7% of total sports coverage.

Since 2009, we have collected and published data on the value of women’s sport and campaigned for increased investment in women’s sport, through our commercial investment audits – Prime Time (2009), Big Deal? (2011) and Women’s Sport: Say Yes to Success (2014). These pieces of work have provided valuable insight into levels of commercial investment in women’s sport.

However, our research has been mainly limited to auditing the current state of play. In order for us to support women’s sport to make a compelling case to potential sponsors we are building a robust insight-led case for commercial investment.
Alongside this we also work to understand whether there are specific policy interventions which could help drive commercial investment in women’s sport.