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Tennis coach teaching young girls and boys

Coaches Resource: Creating Mini Allies

Community sport can be a home from home for girls as well as boys. With the right opportunities, role models and experiences a girl can build a lifelong love of sport.

a dad giving his daughter a piggy back

Parents Resource: Creating Mini Allies

Families are all different but are united by being the first and most important influence in a child's life. This guide will help you challenge accepted norms, tackle the gender play gap and champion the value of sport for all.

Young children in school PE hall

Teachers Resource: Creating Mini Allies

In sport, girls are limited by stereotypes that stifle their joy, prevent them from learning skills and steal their self-belief. Find out how you can prevent stereotyping in your primary school today.

Two muslim teenagers wearing headscarfs and a black teenager plauing team sport

Make Space for Us

Research in partnership with Yorkshire Sport Foundation to understand how teenage girls feel about being active outdoors in their local parks and green spaces.