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Policy Positions

At Women in Sport, our purpose is to create lasting change for women and girls in sport and society. Thought leadership and policy change sit at the heart of this.  

Our policy positions are based on our deep understanding of the needs of women and girls throughout their lives as well as our understanding of the wider societal issues that affect women and girls. They reflect our core beliefs and are rooted in our research and insight. We use our unique knowledge to engage with the people making the decisions that affect women and girls in sport the most: politicians, civil servants and officials in all the nations of the UK, in local government and internationally, Sports Councils, National Governing Bodies of sports, and more.  

We work with politicians and policymakers at all levels of national and local government. On this page you’ll find our most recent policy briefings, written specifically for politicians and policymakers. For more information or to discuss any of these policy areas in more detail, please email info@womeninsport.org.

Our policy positions

Black woman aged 34-45 lifting weights

Write to your MP

Use our letter template to ask your MP to show their support for women and girls in sport.

Female football referee

Anti-Misogyny in Sport

Sport has been too slow to change, too slow to face up to the realities of the misogyny women face.

A young Muslim girl and young white boy playing football together at school

Mixed-Sex Sport

Mixed sex sport is a growing part of the sporting eco-system. Where it is happening, we want to make it work for girls.

Young girls gathered in a circle after football training

Gender Budgeting

Money spent on sport and physical activity is not shared fairly between men and women. We’re calling on sport, policymakers and the government to focus on gender budgeting and deliver fair funding for women’s sport.

A group of women and girls playing football

Trans Inclusion

Sport is inherently physical, so the different physiologies of the sexes matter. Read about our stance on transgender inclusion in sport.

Two women practicing boxing

Independent Regulator

Women in Sport is calling for the creation of an independent non-departmental body committed to tackling misconduct and abuse in sport.

Work with us

We are always looking to explore new partnership options with organisations and companies keen to advance the cause of women in sport.

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