Teenage girls playing basketball. The girl with the ball is mixed raced and wears her hair in braids

Why we exist

Founded in 1984, Women in Sport is the longest-standing charity in its field with a proud history of securing change for women and girls. At its heart lies a deep understanding of the needs of women and girls in relation to sport and a passion to address the stubborn gender inequalities that still exist.

Based on expert insight, Women in Sport challenges the system, offers solutions and inspires change. Not only do we believe in girls and women having access to fair and safe sport for the joy, fulfilment and lifelong benefits it offers, but we care about this because it can address health inequalities and help society to thrive.

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What is Women in Sport and why was the charity formed?

Our History
Primary school girls playing football

Sports, Stereotypes and Stolen Dreams

Our research has found that girls are being stereotyped as young as five years old

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