A young black teenager with braided hair laughing while playing football

Piloting Solutions

Our pilot projects build on our ground-breaking research and insight to deliver practical, on the ground solutions that improve the lives of women and girls.  

They allow us to use our deep understanding of the lives of women and girls to develop projects that demonstrate how to make a real difference. They help us and our partners to prove what works in practice and how we can challenge deep rooted gender stereotypes to create a place in sport and physical activity where girls and women belong. 

Partnership is at the heart of our pilot projects. By working in partnership, we build our partners’ knowledge and understanding of the factors affecting women and girls in sport, as well as reaching new audiences. Whether in the sport sector, leisure facilities or in the community, our pilots show what is possible and how vital sport and physical activity is to women and girls. 

Read more about our latest pilots below. 

Our Pilot Projects

The Big Sister Project

The Big Sister project was created to help girls discover the joy of sport, with a helping hand from teenage girls.

Work with us

We are always looking to explore new partnership options with organisations and companies keen to advance the cause of women in sport.

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