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Visibility for Women’s Sport

We want to see more women getting involved in sport at all levels – from the field of play to the boardroom – but greater involvement from the media is needed, along with more companies backing and sponsoring women’s sport.

We know there is a demand from fans for more women’s sport on TV and in the media, but for women’s sport to make progress, we believe it must secure more media coverage and commercial investment.

To do this it needs to develop its own calendar of major events which fans, the media, and commercial partners come to expect and look forward to hearing about and watching.

We have more than three decades of experience working with influential individuals, businesses and public sector bodies to create and advocate change.

Our cutting edge research into this area enables us to set out the case for far greater commercial investment in and media coverage of women’s sport.

Women’s Sport: Say Yes to Success

Our report Women’s Sport: Say Yes to Success shows that despite some positive developments in a handful of sports, the shocking facts are that women’s sport still accounts for a pitiful 0.4% of the commercial investment going into all sports and for only 7% of total sports coverage in the media.

We have an exciting and important role to play, but we can’t do it on our own.