A group of open water swimmers

Insight Pack: From Menopause into Later Life


This Insight Pack gives an overview of menopause research across the sector as well as Women in Sport insight, in order to provide in-depth knowledge on the relationship between women and physical activity as they transition through menopause into later life.


  • Context surrounding this phase of life
  • Key statistics about physical activity and women experiencing menopause
  • Information on how menopause affects women, and how it can provide opportunities for women to re-engage with physical activity
  • Recommendations from Women in Sport insight on how to engage/retain women experiencing menopause or in later life with physical activity
  • Great examples of initiatives that engage women experiencing menopause and in later life with physical activity

Use for:

  • Developing an understanding around this topic
  • As a sports deliverer, use the learnings and recommendations to make your sports offer more attractive to this demographic

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