White woman aged 30-40 running

Insight Pack: Marketing to Women


This resource brings together key insight across Women in Sport research on how to market sport and physical activity to women effectively. Bringing together research on how to identify your target audience, where your audience is on the behaviour change journey, understanding their values and motivations, and developing the right content to reach your audience, this insight pack will enable you to more successfully attract – and retain – women to your sporting offer.


  • Guidance on identifying your audience and understanding their motivations and values to influence your marketing
  • Important tips to consider when developing content for your target audience
  • Information on the best channels to use to market your sport/physical activity offer
  • Examples in and out of the sector of effective marketing campaigns

Use for:

  • Understanding how to identify your target audience
  • Shaping your marketing strategy to be effective to engaging and retaining your target audience
  • Adapting your current marketing strategy to attract more women to your offer

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