Our response to British Gymnastics Reform '25 - Women In Sport

Our response to British Gymnastics Reform ’25

October 2022

We welcome the commitment to reform and the leadership being shown by British Gymnastics in its response to the Whyte Review. Whilst we believe that to move towards safe and fair sport, there remains a need for an Independent Regulator for Sport, the actions planned and the appointment of Cath Bishop is greatly welcomed.

Deeply understanding the experiences that women and girls have in sport sits at the heart of our charity’s aims and we are delighted to see BG sharing this view as they pledge their commitment to listening to the voices of those in the sport. We also believe the education and development of the workforce, including coaches is paramount. The better coaches are educated on the biology of girls and women at all life stages and about the impact that stereotyping has on girls and women, the better they will be able to support their female gymnasts as human beings, not just athletes.

We’re so pleased that British Gymnastics is making sure to continue to invest in the brilliant clubs and coaches out there who are diligent, caring, and responsible. We are also confident that with the implementation of the actions laid out that they sport will create a more positive environment for everyone, particularly girls and women, no matter the level at which they participate.