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Sexism in Sport

We believe in ensuring that women and girls have equal opportunity to enjoy the benefits of sport through tackling sexism in sport at every level. This includes challenging explicit cases of discrimination and harassment as well as addressing the underlying barriers to equality.

Elite sport continues to set men and women apart. The men’s decathlon has been contested at every Olympics since 1912 but there is still no place at major championships for the women’s event. While men play five sets at Tennis Grand Slams, women can only compete over three sets.

We also see significant gender gaps when we look at the number of women participating in sport. In fact, the gender gap is bigger than it has ever been since reporting began. In team sport, 7% more men than women play, and there is a shocking 22% gap between girls and boys. We also see clear gender gaps when we look at the number of women working in sport at every level. Women are a minority in coaching, especially at an elite level. A recent count of leaders in the top 20 sports by participation in England showed that across the roles of CEO, Chair and Performance Director, just 23% were women.

We work to ensure equality of opportunity by focussing on getting more women and girls participating in sport, more women working in sport at every level and by driving commercial investment in and media coverage of women’s sport. We also work to ensure that women and girls who do engage with sport receive equal respect to their male counterparts.

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Partnerships and Consultancy

Partnerships are vital to the work we do. We work with organisations that want to help make a difference and enable more women and girls to enjoy the benefits of sport throughout their lives.

Woman practicing karate with a coach

Partnership Projects

We’re proud of the work we do and we’re proud of the partners we work with, see a selection of case studies featuring recent work and partnerships here.