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Joshua Fitzpatrick

Project and Solutions Officer

Josh Fitzpatrick, a 20-25 year old white male with dark hair, smiling

Joshua Fitzpatrick

Project and Solutions Officer

Josh joined Women in Sport in March 2024 as Projects and Solutions Officer where he works closely with our Insight team to contribute to their ground-breaking research, as well as assist Women in Sport’s wider projects.

Josh grew up surrounded by sport and loved trying every sport he could get his hands on. Josh’s experience of sport and physical activity was facilitated by many strong female coaches that helped him build resilience, overcome confidence issues, and create a safe space for him to find joy and fulfilment through sport.

Growing up, Josh quickly noticed that the experiences he was given in sport are often few and far between for women and girls. With these inequalities that women and girls face in mind, Josh has joined the team because he wants to ensure that every woman and girl at any life-stage can have the life-changing and affirming sporting experiences he has had.

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