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Kitty Cahill

Engagement Manager

Kitty, a white woman with brown wavy hair, smiling

Kitty Cahill

Engagement Manager

Kitty joined Women in Sport in January 2021 to support and lead the charity’s fundraising and engagement activities.

Central to her role is securing vital funds to aid Women in Sport’s mission and aims, and stewarding positive and long-term supporter relationships. Without the amazing people and organisations that choose to rally behind our cause, we can’t make the changes needed for women and girls in sport and society.

Having previously worked in the charity sector across international development and human rights causes, and prior to that achieving an MA in applied Global Ethics and Philosophy, Kitty has a particular passion for social equity and human rights.

In academia, she researched and analysed current global issues such as FGM, the Death Penalty, and forms of gender-based harassment like ‘upskirting’ and ‘wolf-whistling’. She also debated the role and authenticity of corporate social responsibility and the relationship between the media, teenage girls and body image. All of which demonstrated just how deeply rooted and systemic gendered inequalities are, and kick-started her drive to advocate for women’s rights.

Why sport? Kitty grew up with two older brothers in a very active family, and was lucky that sport was encouraged and prioritised just as much for her as it was for her brothers. As we know, this isn’t the case for a large proportion of girls.

Whilst she no longer plays team sport (like too many other women unfortunately), she has a love for fitness, running and the outdoors, and wants to ensure more girls can reap the benefits sport offers. She’s run a few marathons, and has a few things on her sporting bucket list from an ultra-race and triathlon or two, to maybe trying her hand at boxing someday…

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