Deaf Awareness Week: Sporting role model Bethan Lishman


Bethan Lishman, hammer thrower for UK Deaf Athletics

“I’m a competing hammer thrower for UK Deaf Athletics and current DeaflympicsGB captain I work as a gymnastics coach and teach from a young age sign language is no barrier in sport as long as you have desire nothing can stop you

“For me, Deaf Awareness Week is about people knowing that sometimes inclusion comes from the simplest of actions like a simple hello that I can understand.

“The guidance to other coaches or individuals supporting deaf children, young people and adults that I would recommend is that my coach and I have our own signs so that we can communicate even in the windiest of situations. Coaches, never turn your back on a kid because of their deafness, use sign, write things down because that child you turned your back may become the lost talent.”