Deaf Awareness Week: Sporting role model Catherine Fletcher




Catherine Fletcher, ex-GB deaf tennis player.

“I am an ex-GB deaf tennis player involved and competing in deaf tennis for 20 years but I am now currently national deaf tennis coach.

“After having a long playing career in deaf tennis I relish the challenges and opportunities of supporting and encouraging other deaf tennis players to enjoy the opportunities that I had as a player.

“Deaf awareness week for me is about raising the awareness and profile of deafness, and with my deaf tennis hat on it is also about educating people about sporting opportunities available. In many cases many are oblivious to the challenges that a deaf person faces.

“Top tips and useful guidance I can share includes realising the communication requirements a deaf person faces. So understanding what their method of communication is – looking at them when you talk, keep instructions simple and concise.

“Getting the gold medal at the 2009 Deaflympics definitely has to be the pinnacle of my player career and my best personal sporting moment.

“Nowadays it’s seeing what the future players gain from the camps we deliver and the enjoyment they get. Not to mention improvements we see. It’s about growing the game and sport that we love.

“I feel very proud of our deaf tennis history and privileged to be a part of it now. The aim is to keep raising the awareness of deaf tennis, educating the coaches and clubs about this so that they in turn have knowledge to pass on to any potential new deaf tennis player. Spread the word to anyone you think would be interested!”

I feel very proud of our deaf tennis history and privileged to be a part of it now.