Harriet's friends and family after running the marathon

Harriet’s legacy: Running Manchester Half Marathon in memory of my daughter


Harriet's dad smiling after the race

Written by Francis Griffiths, Harriet’s dad.

My daughter Harriet, died very suddenly in March this year, at the age of 25. She was an embodiment of kindness, a spirit that radiated warmth, and a soul that lived life to its absolute fullest.

Sport played a big role in Harriet’s life, it gave her a sense of achievement, confidence and built her self-esteem, which is why we (her friends and family) decided to support Women in Sport in her honour.

Harriet’s journey with sport began at an early age when she discovered the joy of being active. She carried this through her life as she became a force to be reckoned with on the hockey field and a dedicated runner.

Whether she was sprinting on the track, dribbling on the hockey field, or pursuing her fitness regimen, Harriet always embraced every challenge with enthusiasm and determination. Her friends have countless memories of her running achievements, making her the unofficial queen of Parkrun and the bane of her mother, Anna, who never quite recovered her park run time tag.

Harriet was competitive, humble and supportive - the perfect sportswoman."

Not only was Harriet the perfect sportswoman but she was the perfect friend. Her tenacity and humility transcended her on-field triumphs. She inspired those around her to confront their own limitations, to greet the future with unbridled excitement, and to smile even in the face of adversity.

Harriet's friend supporting the runners

“Her ability to encourage and be proud of her friends’ achievements, no matter how big or small, left a lasting impact on those who knew her.”

In 2019 Harriet ran the Manchester half marathon, and so in her honour a group of Harriet’s friends and family decided to follow in her footsteps and join the 2023 race this October. She was with us every moment of the joyous day and I just know she would be so proud of us all.

Harriet will be the loudest supporter on race day and beyond
Florence, Harriet's friend

I saw the value sport brought to Harriet’s life, but I also know far too many girls and women don’t get that opportunity, which is why we chose to support Women in Sport. By supporting the charity, I know that Harriet’s legacy will have a lasting impact.

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