Women in Sport Story on Gender Pay Gap


For the first-time employers now need to report on pay equality. Midnight on Wednesday 4 April was the deadline for companies with 250 employees or more to publish their gender pay gap data. Figures so far indicate that 78% of companies have a pay gap that favours men (comparing median hourly rate).

Women in Sport’s vision is a society where women and men have equal opportunities. This pay gap shows there is still a long way to go to in achieving equality in the workplace.

The median hourly rate does not give the full picture as these figures can be influenced by a range of factors including the number of women working at the organisation but what is clear is that women are consistently under-represented in senior roles. Only 24% of the higher paid jobs are held by women at both the Football Association and Rugby Football League and only 12% at the England and Wales Cricket Board.

We want to change this. Through our Beyond 30% campaign we are proactively working with the sport sector to improve their gender diversity as well as increase the number of women working in leadership positions in sport.

We’ve spoken to women and men from across the sector to reveal the reality of working in sport and to find new solutions to achieving gender equality. Our latest in-depth analysis explores the cultural barriers holding women back from senior roles. Through our insights we are supporting the sport sector to build more inclusive workforces which encourage diversity to thrive. Watch this space for the release of this research in spring.