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Rachel Williams

Policy and Public Affairs Manager

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Rachel Williams

Policy and Public Affairs Manager

Rachel has spent fourteen years in the charity sector and started out in a succession of frontline political jobs before joining the RSPCA’s public affairs and campaigns team. She was there for nine years, working her way up to Public Affairs Manager for Westminster. In that time, she worked on dozens of different campaigns, Bills and events.

After having a very negative relationship with sport in school, and especially as a teenager in secondary school, Rachel rediscovered it as an about-to-be-30-year-old and haven’t looked back since. She’s found that sport has genuinely changed her life for the better and wants to use her skills to allow it to change other girls’ and women’s lives too.

Rachel running

As well as an enthusiastic but mediocre runner she’s now a passionate weightlifter, as much for the mental health benefits as the physical. Rachel strongly believes that there’s a sport for everyone but too many girls and women are being prevented from finding it because of stubborn stereotypes and negative narratives. In her younger years, Rachel felt that she missed out on experiencing the joy of sport in her younger years because she felt there wasn’t a place for her in sport.

Rachel has joined the team at Women in Sport because she wants to make sure that future generations of young girls don’t face the same issues that she did. As Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Rachel’s role is to lead on developing our policy positions and on our relationship with political and policymaking stakeholders across the UK and at all levels of government.

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