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Coaches Resource: Creating Mini Allies


Gender stereotypes are embedded in us all. They lead to biases and inequalities with wide-reaching consequences for children.

In sport we know that gender stereotypes can limit girls’ sporting experience, undermine their sports skills, and with this their self-belief and joy.

But community sport can be a home from home for girls as well as boys. A good coach can transform a girls’ life and ensure she continues and succeeds in sport.

These guides will help you challenge the norm, tackle the gender play gap and champion the value of sport for all.

Level the playing field in community sport

  1. Challenge stereotypes: Everyone has the power to recognise and challenge stereotypes. Unpick any limiting assumptions made by coaches, children and parents.
  2. Change the narrative: Talk in a way that allows boys to express vulnerability, and to challenge their peers if they are excluding girls.
  3. Close the gender skills gap: As a result of stereotyping and lack of opportunity, more girls than boys will lack sporting skills, but they can build these quickly and this should be a priority for every club.

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a dad giving his daughter a piggy back

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Young children in school PE hall

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