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Parents Resource: Creating Mini Allies


Gender stereotypes are embedded in us all. They lead to biases and inequalities with wide-reaching consequences for children.

In sport we know that gender stereotypes can limit girls’ sporting experience, undermine their sports skills, and with this their self-belief and joy.

Families are the first and most important influence in a child’s life. What parents and carers say, what roles they take in the family, and their attitudes to sport will have a profound impact on their children’s lives.

Girls are often steered away from sport from a young age, particularly contact and team sports. We can change this pattern if we are aware of it and make girls and boys feel they belong in all sport.

Why male allyship matters at home

Boys and men, whether dads, uncles, brothers or cousins, make a real difference to how girls feel about sport. Their words and actions can have a lasting impact. With their support girls are much more likely to feel they belong in sport.

Boys’ beliefs and behaviours will often mirror that of the adults around them. It is important that families reflect on the things they say and do at home to instil respect towards women and girls in sport and in life.

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Coaches Resource: Creating Mini Allies

Community sport can be a home from home for girls as well as boys. With the right opportunities, role models and experiences a girl can build a lifelong love of sport.

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Teachers Resource: Creating Mini Allies

In sport, girls are limited by stereotypes that stifle their joy, prevent them from learning skills and steal their self-belief. Find out how you can prevent stereotyping in your primary school today.

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What’s Your Little One Made Of?

Our latest research shows that boys as young as five have already learnt that sport is not for girls. Let's debunk this myth and raise the next generation of Mini Allies.