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Sakara deMello Norminton

Engagement Officer

Sakara, a kiwi woman with black hair, smiling

Sakara deMello Norminton

Engagement Officer

Sakara joined Women in Sport in July 2023 as a Fundraising Officer. As our resident Kiwi, she is a dynamic fundraiser who is helping build and elevate our fundraising efforts and supporter engagement during this exciting phase of growth for the charity.

Originally from New Zealand, she brings with her a deep passion for both sports and women’s rights. She plays both football and netball and believes in the power of sports to bring people together!

Sakara playing football

Her journey in the non-profit sector has provided her with valuable experience volunteering with various organisations. She has also worked in government and legal roles and will bring a multidimensional perspective to her work.

Now, as part of her role in Women in Sport, her goal is to contribute with the organisation to help work towards a future where gender equality is at the forefront of the sporting world. By bolstering revenue and capacity she believes we can create a lasting impact and ensure that women and girls have equal opportunity to pursue their sporting dreams!


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