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Stephen Skillman

Finance Officer

Stephen, a white man with long hair and a beard, smiling

Stephen Skillman

Finance Officer

Stephen joined Women in Sport in July 2022 as interim Finance Officer, with the role being made permanent in December 2022.  Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant Stephen joined Systems Union, a British-based international developer of accounting software, as a Technical Author, enjoying secondments to work in the company’s offices in Frankfurt and then Miami.  During career breaks to help care for family members Stephen was Trustee of a charity in West London, helped an investment company’s owner-managers start up an organisation which now specialises in investing in software businesses, and worked in Finance for Sport for Development charity Sported.

Stephen’s earliest recollection of the joy of sport is of running as fast as he could in circles on a beach in North Devon at a young age.  He is particularly interested in why people, especially women and those living in areas of multiple deprivation, become less active as they age, the impact this has on their minds and bodies, and what simple things can and could be done to bring the childhood joy of sport back into everyone’s daily lives.

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