About Us - Women In Sport

About Us

The charity Women in Sport was founded in 1984, and has a track record of success in securing change based on its deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of women and girls at each life stage and its determination to break down stubborn gender inequalities through its work within the sports sector and beyond. Our expert and sector leading insight is driving innovation, our programmes are providing impactful solutions to tackle gender inequalities, and our campaigning is empowering more women and girls to be active.

Our strategy is:

Our Vision

Sport can give girls and women resilience, courage, self-belief and a sense of belonging.

So our vision is that: No- one is excluded from the joy, fulfilment and lifelong benefits of sport.


We know gender stereotypes and institutional bias are holding girls and women back in sport, and in life.

We believe:

      • It is wrong to deny women and girls access to sport
      • The distinct physicality of women and girls must be understood and reflected in sport
      • When sport includes women and girls it helps to tackle economic and health inequalities


Our purpose is to create lasting change for women and girls in sport and society.


To achieve our goals, we aim to further:

    • Understand the needs and aspirations of the full diversity of women and girls throughout their lives
    • Raise the profile of gender inequality in sport and challenge this, as well as the impact it has
    • Develop concepts, policies and solutions
    • Inspire change through collaboration and influence
    • Ensure the charity is highly effective