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This campaign has now ended, but it’s never too late to support our cause. Donate today.

Fewer than a third of girls aspire to reach the top in sport, compared to half of boys. Despite a small movement upwards after the women’s Euros, girls’ ability to dream is back down to 2020 levels.

We won’t stand for this..

#LetHerDream is our match giving campaign with the Big Give, which ran from 28th November to 5th December. With your help, we were able to raise £13,533, surpassing our target by over £1,500! 

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign. With your generous donations, we will be able to break down stereotypes and expose misogyny in sport.

This campaign has now ended, but it’s never too late to support our cause. Donate today.

Teenage girls playing footballDespite the inspirational achievements of the Lionesses and Vitality Roses, the situation on the ground for most girls remains dire, with less than one in five girls in the UK loving sport and feeling they get enough chances to play. 

Is it any surprise that girls question whether they are welcome in sport, when this summer, in a moment of celebration, Spain’s incredible World Cup victory was overshadowed by the behaviour of one misogynistic man in power.  

For 72% of girls the ‘questionable kiss’ at the football world cup final opened their eyes to how women in sport are treated. 

With your donation, we can challenge the detrimental narrative surrounding women’s sport, fight against misogyny through policy change, and work with boys to build positive attitudes and actions towards girls.  

Without change their dreams will continue to be stifled. 

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  • Only 29 % of girls

    dream of reaching the top in sport, compared to 52% of boys

    Women in Sport

  • 35 % of girls believe

    they're not expected to be good at sport, compared to 4% of boys

    Women in Sport

How will your donation help?

There have been some steps forward, but sadly, there have also been countless steps back. We must act now.

We won’t see long-term change for girls’ unless we:
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  • Expose the ongoing barriers in sport for girls and women, and dismantle the gender stereotypes that crush girls’ self-belief, through our campaigns
  • Continue advocating for girls to ensure that sport is valued for them, in the way it always has been for boys
  • Continue our fight against misogyny and work with our peers in the sports sector to implement meaningful policy changes for women and girls

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  • 72 % of girls say the World Cup kiss

    opened their eyes to treatment of women in sport

    Women in Sport

  • 36 % of girls who don't do sport

    tell us they would like to do more

    Women in Sport

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