Mums and daughters exercising together

#TimeTogether Activity Ideas


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Throughout October we shared lots of fantastic activity ideas from some great partners.

Did you try something new with your mum/mother-figure or daughter/daughter figure?

Beat the street selfie competition

Beat the Street

Beat the Street turns towns into giant games. Earn points, win prizes and discover more about your area by walking, running and cycling.

Pick up a Beat the Street card and swipe Beat Boxes across your community. Take part in our selfie competition by sharing a photo of you and your daughter playing Beat the Street with the hashtag #TimeTogether for your chance to win a £50 voucher!

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Mum and daughter climbing outdoors together


Climbing and bouldering, lower routes where you fall on crash pads, is massively on the rise, with indoor walls popping up all around the country. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) exists for everyone who already loves climbing and hill walking, as well as those who are keen to discover them for the first time.

If the challenge and excitement of climbing is calling you, head down to your local wall to give it a go. Just take some comfy clothes you can easily move about in and think about whether you want to give rope climbing or bouldering a go.

show me the ropes


Mum and daughters cycling together


Rediscover the simple pleasure of cycling. From fun, free women-only bike rides to pop-up traffic-free cycle spaces, there’s something for everyone to enjoy – coaching to improve your skills, activities for children, organised and guided rides and local cycling event.

If you’re thinking about getting on your bike for the first time (or after a bit of a break), cycling can offer a whole host of benefits – from physical, mental and social perks, through to simply getting from A to B in the quickest and cheapest way possible.

Get started with cycling


Mum and daughter wearing neon clothes and facepaint at a Clubbercise classDance

When was the last time you danced like nobody was watching?

That’s exactly what EMD UK to every day! It stands for Exercise, Move, Dance and they offer a a range of fun activities, including tap taster classes, Popdance and Boogie Bounce.

Check out their free 15 minute online sessions, or email and EMD UK will look to create classes in your area.

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Mum and daughter fishing together


Fishing is a great way to relax and spend time outdoors with your family. Whether you’ve never fished before or you want to get back into it.

Fishing is fun, it’s good for your mind and body, and it’s something the whole family can enjoy. You’ll always remember the first time you caught a fish.

For #TimeTogether, the Canal and River Trust is hosting free Let’s Fish sessions for mums and daughters. No equipment required, simply show up and they’ll help you get started.

Let’s fish


Mum and daughter playing golf together


Our research tells us that girls cherish alone time with their mums and feel more comfortable doing physical activity with them as they view it as their safe space.

Golf offers a great way to bring mums and daughters closer together. Clubs offer taster and beginner sessions which are of great value and make it easy to meet other people who are also starting for the first time.

Find your nearest club and give it a go, you might get a hole in one!

Girl’s golf rocks

Mums and daughters exercising at an outdoor gym together

Outdoor Gyms

If you are looking to get in the gym but want to give it a go without breaking the bank, have you thought about checking out your local outdoor gym?

It’s outdoors, free and a great way to get moving in your own time. Why not take the whole family?

Inspired by the #TimeTogether campaign The Great Outdoor Gym Company has designed a compact gym – perfect for training together.

Find an outdoor gym


Mum and daughter netball team


Netball is open to all, with many opportunities to build skills, keep fit and socialise.

Whether you are just starting out, play regularly or want to return to the game, there’s a type of Netball to suit your background and ability.

There’s a whole host of different ways that you can master your skills and have fun out on court. So what are you waiting for – your Netball journey starts today!

Park PlayPark Play

Think games in the park are just for kids? Think again.

Every Saturday morning Park Play runs active and inclusive games that all generations can play.

It’s safe and welcoming and everyone is welcome to join in and have fun.

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Mums and daughters trying parkour togetherParkour

Parkour is often portrayed as gravity-defying and slightly terrifying.

But it’s not just about being a dare devil – you can shape Parkour so that it’s right for you.

Sign up for Parkour UK’s free mother and daughters taster session on Saturday 7th October or email to book.

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Mum and daughter playing rounders


When you ask people about Rounders it brings a smile, revisiting memories of a fun, team sport they played at school.

But this is a game for everyone – schools, colleges and universities, adults, families and even a great activity for workplaces.

Find a place to play near you.

Rounders clubs near you



Mum and teenage daughter playing rugby togetherRugby

Women’s rugby is on the rise and there are lots of ways for you and your daughter to get involved.

Women who have started rugby have told us all about the joy, self-belief and fun it has brought to their lives.

Allianz Inner Warrior Camps are designed as a great introduction to rugby for all levels of experience. From those who have never played, or those who want to get back involved, the aim of the programme is to encourage more women and girls to play rugby.​​

Find out more about rugby


Mum and daughter running together


We know from experience just how hard it is to make time for exercise, or to get started if you haven’t done much for years. But we believe the magic of community can change how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, giving us all the confidence to put our own wellbeing back at the top of the to do list.

With a community of 200,000+ women worldwide, This Mum Run’s network of local digital communities support women to connect – and run – with other women where they live. Our free-to-download App provides access to weekly runs, coaching programmes and loads of advice from experts you can trust!

This Mum Runs


Ella and her mum KirstyScottish Women and Girls in Sport Week

If you’re based in Scotland and want to raise awareness about the importance of sport for women and girls, why not join in with Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week?

It takes place from Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th of October and you can get involved by sharing your thoughts, ideas and opinions with the hashtag #SheCanSheWill.



Mum and teenage daughter playing touch rugby together

Touch rugby

Touch is one of the easiest sports to play anywhere on the planet! All you need is a ball, a space to play in, and some people to play the sport with you!

The core skills and rules are easy to learn and remember, and because Touch is a minimal contact version of rugby men, women, boys and girls of all ages can play on the same pitch as equals!

There are clubs all over the country and anyone is welcome to turn up and try it out – even if you’ve never picked up a rugby ball.

Where to play


Muslim teenage girls weightliftingWeightlifting

Weightlifting doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can help build body confidence for women of all ages.

Couch2Kilos is a free strength challenge designed to help EVERY women get stronger in 6-weeks. It is totally flexible, you can do it anytime, from anywhere, at the gym or home and on any device. You can start with zero equipment and work up the levels and learn how use a variety of weights.

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