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Embrace body positivity by spending #TimeTogether


When will women’s bodies be celebrated for what they can do, not what they look like?

Too often, women and girls sit on the side lines of sport because society has made them worry that they don’t fit in.

This harmful messaging starts early in a girl’s life: our research has found that by the time they hit their teenage years, 45% of girls say they don’t feel they have the right body shape for sport.

But we know that’s not true. Anybody, no matter their shape or size can take part in, and more importantly, enjoy, sport.

Every woman and girl should get to experience the fun, freedom and joy that exercise can bring. 

  • 45 % of teen girls

    tell us they feel like they have the wrong body shape for sport

    Women in Sport (2022) Tackling Teenage Disengagement

  • 68 % of teen girls

    who were once sport but no longer are say they feel judged by others

    Women in Sport (2022) Tackling Teenage Disengagement

Mel and Lily smilingThis October, we’re encouraging mums (as well as mum figures including aunties, grandmothers, step-mums or foster mums) and their teenage daughters to spend #TimeTogether getting active in a judgment-free zone that allows them to celebrate and accept their bodies for what they are and what they can do.

One mum and daughter duo that has inspired us in their openness towards body positivity is Mel and Lily from Bath.

Meet them on their journey to find new ways of spending #TimeTogether through sport…

Mum Mel is an exercise instructor who has set up a class for mums and teenage girls, and Lily is a keen horse rider who loves helping her mum out during the classes.

Mel has instilled self-acceptance in Lily, and they are the perfect example of mum and daughter getting together to be active and open their eyes to the opportunities to have fun.

Lily and I are both not very skinny people, but that doesn’t mean we’re not fit. I want Lily to be a strong girl, build confidence and have fun with exercise.


The tides are changing. Women’s bodies are made to run, swim, kick and play, not to be objectified or judged.

Find out more about our campaign by visiting the #TimeTogether page, where we showcase fun activity ideas and inspiring mum and daughter stories.

Want to get involved? Tag us in your photos and videos on social media to show us how you spend #TimeTogether and let us know about your journey with body positivity.

It’s a hard journey to be on, but we’re all on it together. Let’s show girls that they belong in sport, no matter what.


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