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Finding quality #TimeTogether with your daughter through sport


When was the last time you truly connected with your daughter? 

Between busy work and school lives, it can feel like you’re constantly missing each other and never get that chance to just check in with each other.  

But we know that for teenage girls, mums are their biggest supporter when it comes to encouraging exercise.  

That’s why we’ve created #TimeTogether, to give mums (as well as mum figures like stepmums, aunties and grandmas) and teenage girls the chance to spend some quality time getting active.  

  • 41 % of teen girls

    say that being too busy with school work is a barrier to exercise

    Women in Sport (2022) Tackling Teenage Disengagement

  • 33 % of women

    aged 41-60 are not meeting physical activity and exercise guidelines

    Sport England (2023) Active Lives Survey

One mum and daughter duo who are getting a chance to bond through #TimeTogether is Kate and Hana from Nottingham. 

Daughter Hana has been playing for a local hockey club since she first fell in love with the sport in primary school. 

But with four children to keep track of, her mum Kate doesn’t always get to see Hana play: “She’s the only one that plays hockey, so she gets the short straw sometimes. I do get a bit of mum guilt at times about the fact that it’s always dad that takes her and not me.” 

So, we challenged Kate to go along to a session, pick up a hockey stick and get involved…  

And it’s not just Kate and Hana that find it difficult to make their schedules align. Our research has found that 41% of teenage girls say that being too busy with schoolwork is a barrier to exercise.

Kate and Hana playing hockey together

Meanwhile, women in midlife often take on caring responsibilities for their children and parents, making it harder for them to find time for themselves. This can have a knock-on impact on their capacity to take part in sport, with 33% of women aged 41-60 not meeting activity guidelines (Sport England (2023) Active Lives survey). 

Kate and Hana have done a wonderful job of creating moments of connection through sport. Despite not picking up a hockey stick since high school, Kate was keen to give it a go. 

I do get a bit of mum guilt at times about the fact that it’s always dad that takes her and not me.
Kate, Hana's mum

“I think my activity levels reduced when I did have children. I think as a parent, you spend more time taking your kids to sports than doing it yourself. So, if there is a sport you can do together with your kids that would obviously help.” says Kate 

This October, we’re encouraging mums, aunties, stepmums and grandmas to spend some #TimeTogether getting active with a teenage girl in their life.  

Find out more about #TimeTogether and how you can get involved, and don’t forget to share your pictures and stories with us on social media! 

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