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Write to your MP

Now that we have a new Government, our voice in the policy debates that will drive change for women and girls has never been more important.  

Can you help us spread the word about the change we need to see? Will you contact your local MP to tell them about our work? 

Download our template below

MP letter template: Government asks from Women in Sport (19.25 KB)

Our asks for the next government

Make sport fair for women and girls by… 

Gender budgeting: Make gender impact assessments mandatory for all sports organisations in receipt of public money and use this data to make resources in sport more equal, including equal pay. 

50-50 leadership: Make it mandatory for all sports organisations in receipt of public money to have 50-50 representation of the sexes on their boards.  

50-50 visibility: Work with public service broadcasters to achieve parity in their sports coverage. 


Stamp out misogyny by… 

Anti-misogyny policies: Make anti-misogyny policies and training mandatory for any organisation in receipt of public money, including governments themselves and their agencies.  

An Independent Regulator for Sport: Establish an Independent Regulator to tackle abuse in sport, which disproportionately affects women and girls. 

Criminalise misogyny: Promoting misogyny is still legal in the UK. We support calls for dedicated legislation to criminalise misogyny, by the introduction of specific offences. 


Improve the lives of women and girls by… 

Tackle gendered health inequalities: Embed sport and physical activity into women’s health strategies to improve the most pronounced gendered health inequalities. 

Improve training and support for teachers and coaches: Improve the training offered to teachers and coaches on the physical, biological and sociological realities of being a girl, especially the impacts of female puberty and gender stereotyping. 

Tips to make your email stand out

  1. You can find out who your local MP is by searching for your postcode . 
  2. We’ve provided a template email you can use, but please do personalise it. Tell your MP why you support us or why you care about women and girls being active. The more unique your email is the more impact it will have. 
  3. All Women in Sport supporters are lovely so we don’t need to tell you to be polite in your email, but please do! Being rude or abusive helps no one. 
  4. Make sure you include your full address, including postcode, at the end of the email so your MP knows you are one of their constituents. 
  5. If your MP replies to you, please let us know. You can forward your response to our Policy and Public Affairs Manager Rachel on rachel@womeninsport.org 

Write to your MP

MP letter template: Government asks from Women in Sport (19.25 KB)


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Gender Budgeting

Money spent on sport and physical activity is not shared fairly between men and women. We’re calling on sport, policymakers and the government to focus on gender budgeting and deliver fair funding for women’s sport.

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Policy Positions

Campaigning for change within government so that women's sport is supported and protected.