Sarah Bellew - Women In Sport

Sarah Bellew

Sarah Bellew

Strategic Communications Manager

Sarah has a life-long love of sport inspired by her netball coach who didn’t write her off just because she is 5ft 1!  On moving to Manchester, Sarah joined a touch rugby club to make friends, and ended up playing for the England Women’s 35s Touch team, which won bronze in the 2019 Touch World Cup in Malaysia. She currently chairs Sale FC Touch Club.

As an advocate of women’s sport and as a mother to a daughter, Sarah is passionate about striving for change, so that every woman and girl can experience the joy, skills, and benefits of sport that she has. She believes that the resilience and perseverance, teamwork and leadership skills that she’s learnt through sport have been vital to all aspects of her life.

Sarah is responsible for our mass communications channels and media relations with a view to shining a light on gender inequality in access to sport and to inspire change.