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Women in Sport x Raleigh: We’re With You

We’re proud to be partnered up with Raleigh UK Ltd as part of a new campaign called #WereWithYou featuring the stories of four inspirational women (Liana, Shareenah, Harinie and Laura) who openly talk about the barriers they face when cycling.

Through their stories, each of the women set themselves a challenge that they want to overcome and explore.

Our research has told us that there are various barriers that can stop women and girls from being active such as menopause, motherhood, lack of self belief and not having enough time for themselves.

Did you know?

  • 71% of women in menopause want to be more active.
  • 64% of pregnant women or mums who have a child under one are anxious about getting active.
  • 47% of midlife women have less than 35 minutes of time for themselves per day.
  • 50% of girls feel confident doing exercise or sport compared to 74% of boys.

Follow their journeys as they break down those barriers and smash stereotypes in order to inspire women and girls to find time for themselves, get back into the saddle, try something new and experience the joy in cycling.

Together, we hope that this campaign will inspire women and girls to get active and experience the joy and freedom that cycling brings whilst highlighting that no matter what stage you’re at in your cycling journey, we’re with you.

See Harinie, Shareenah, Liana & Laura’s journeys in full on the Women in Sport Tik Tok channel.