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Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered Programme

Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered is a FREE physical activity and education programme for young girls (5-11) and their fathers/father-figures who want to be more active together.

It was delivered in partnership with the EFL Trust, Fatherhood Institute and University of Newcastle (Australia) through funding from Sport England and the National Lottery Fund. It is an award-winning programme proven to support girls, fathers, father-figures and their families to become more physically active, increase sport skills proficiencies and improve girls’ confidence, resilience, social and emotional well-being.

Over the last 3 years, the programme was delivered by six club community organisations: Foundation of Light, Middlesbrough FC Foundation, Stoke City FC Community Trust, The Albion Foundation, Fulham FC Foundation and Leyton Orient Trust and has helped over 400 girls, fathers, father figures and their families in the UK strengthen father-daughter relationships and break down barriers that are preventing girls from taking part in physical activity.

Take a look at our sports skills and physical fitness videos for inspiration on how you can bring fun, excitement and challenge to your engagement in sport and exercise with your daughter, and spend quality time building your bond. Give it a go!

Listen to our latest podcast episode and hear how the programme is having a positive impact.