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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I get support and advice from Women in Sport?

Answer: We want to share our knowledge, experience and advice to empower women and girls through sport. Our Support and Advice Service is a platform to help you to access, understand and apply our research. You can access our insight through the following methods:

  • Be inspired by our research and insight for free. We have over three decades of experience in understanding women and girls which we combine with other sources to give you all you need to know.
  • Listen to our podcast which brings together experts inside and outside of the sports sector to speak about important issues and topics, highlight some great ideas empowering women and girls and is a space where we can the thoughts and champion the achievements of our amazing supporters.
  • Get in touch – send a message to our team if you’d like to talk about putting out insight into practice or get some general advice. Whether you’re a club, sports body, corporate or brand we can help you to think differently about women and girls and we have some practical tools and tips to help get you started.
  • Join a webinar! Keep an eye on our announcements to sign up to the next webinar. Our webinars provide an in-depth look at Women in Sport research, with guest speakers and key recommendations to engage women and girls in sport.

Question: How can I motivate girls/women who are currently disengaged from sport?

Answer: We have a wealth of research and insight which explores women and girls’ relationships with sport; their unique values and motivations. Our research and insight includes practical solutions to help you overcome any challenges or barriers you are facing in engaging women and girls in sport. Our key research includes:

Question: Can you support me to develop a strategy to attract more girls and women to my club?

Answer: Contact us via our contact form or via phone on 07894231109 and tell us more about your plans and vision. We have a range of ways that we can provide tailored (paid for) support to clubs wanting to engage more women and girls.

Question: Who can I talk to about girls not being allowed to take part in all sports at our school?

Answer: We suggest you make contact with the Head Teacher to understand their reasoning. You can access our research and insight to better understand the barriers some girls face in playing sport as well as practical solutions to help you overcome challenges.

Question: Can you provide an expert speaker/panelist for an event I am running?

Answer: Please use this  contact form to email us details of your event and expert speaker/panelist requirements. Please note we are a small charity with finite staff resources and will usually charge for speaker/panelist requests.

Question: I am looking for funding/sponsorship. Are you able to help?

Answer: We are a research charity not a grant giving organisation. Below are details of some organisations who offer financial support and might be able to help.

Are you a club?

Club Matters have useful information on how to generate income for clubs.

Find your local Active Partnership via the Active Partnerships Network.

Are you an athlete?

Sports Aid or the relevant National Governing Body may be able to help you.

Question: I am a student currently undertaking research in the area of women in sport. Can you help with my research project?

Answer: You can access our wealth of research and insight for free via the resources section of our Support and Advice Service. Our Media Stats Pack has our headline statistics. Please do share your research with us when it’s complete.

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